Fish Curry Recipe is the most delicious dish of Winter Season. People love to eat Fish Dishes in the Winter Season because it decreases the cold weather feelings for some time from all over the world.

By using just one food item i.e. Fish, you can cook multiple dishes in the season of Winter. Here is I’m going to tell about the directions of Fish Curry below that how can you cook it easily by just reading out this post.

Follow the below steps to make it delicious one at your Home. Trust me, it’s super easy to cook at home instead of going out home to eat this dish.


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  1. First off, take a fish in the big bowl and put Garlic/Ginger paste and yogurt to marinate the fish.
  2. Wait at least Half an hour after marination.
  3. Now wash the fish with fresh water then dry it entirely using a clean cloth.
  4. Take Oil in Cooking Pot and Put Fish inside the pot, let it fry till the brown color.
  5. Take oil in Pressure Cooker, put Chopped Onion and Ginger/Garlic paste let it fry until the brown color. Now put chopped tomato, salt, Red Chilli, Yogurt, Turmeric powder, Fish Maslah Powder, and Hot spices powder. Mix them well using spatula
  6. Now put the brown fried Fish in Cooker. Mix it lightly and lid down for at least 20 minutes.
  7. After 20 minutes, open the lid and take out all Fish Pieces on the plate.
  8. Garnish the ready Fish Curry with Green Chillies or Fresh Coriander, then Serve it to your family members.

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